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Rainbow Six | Siege Stat

4.8 ( 5248 ratings )
Productivité Divertissement Utilitaires Jeux Action Stratégie
Développeur Patrik Velekey
0.99 USD

Using this app you will always have the status of your profile at hand, you can see your rank and level. See Rainbow Six: Siege on all the elements of your game (win, lose, kill, death, headshots, etc.)
You can see:
- Win the Kill Cup every month and win as many dollars as you kill.
- Your operators details statistic.
- Maps
- Your Casual,Ranked and Seasons results.
- Top 10 leaderboard
- Follow and compare your friends.
- Global and local place
- Secure Area, Bomb and Hostage statistic
- Share your statistic with friends by one click
- Download operators wallpaper