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Rainbow Six | Siege Stat

4.8 ( 5248 ratings )
Produktivita Zábava Nástroje Hry Zdraví a fitness Strategy
Vývojář: Patrik Velekey
0.99 USD

Using this app you will always have the status of your profile at hand, you can see your rank and level. See Rainbow Six: Siege on all the elements of your game (win, lose, kill, death, headshots, etc.)
You can see:
- Win the Kill Cup every month and win as many dollars as you kill.
- Your operators details statistic.
- Maps
- Your Casual,Ranked and Seasons results.
- Top 10 leaderboard
- Follow and compare your friends.
- Global and local place
- Secure Area, Bomb and Hostage statistic
- Share your statistic with friends by one click
- Download operators wallpaper