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One of my favorite apps

This is an AMAZING app and it updates SO often! It tracks kills, deaths, time and more! 100% worth the small amount of money is cost! Great work developer(s)!!!!!


Don get

Worth the price for maps alone

I recommended this to some friends after having a lot more success on unfamiliar maps simply for having ready access to the map layouts. The stats are simply a cherry on top of the rest. What’s more is the app is well-designed and incredibly easy to navigate. I have minimal issue navigating the app which helps when you have to scramble to find where an enemy might be based on the maps.

Works Amazing!

Great for any R6 player. Shows you stats you don’t even think of! Kudos to the developers

Great app

Had a problem logging in, and I got a reply within mins and got me logged in. Keep up the good work.

Amazingly Splendid

Worthy of every last star. This app is probably one of the best “game stats”app I’ve ever used. The aesthetics are clean and smooth, the overall look of the app is just beautiful as you can see in the screenshots. Some complain that the theme is to bright since R6S itself kind of has a darker color scheme but that’s just an opinion based review. You can sync with your account easily and the stats are updated frequently. It shows your stats for all operators and ranks them in different categories based on how you use them. It also has detailed map layouts, what would make it even better would be to make the maps more interactive instead of just the layout. I’m surprised this app is only .99 cents. Overall it’s an amazing app, would highly recommend it to any Rainbow Six Siege player of any kind.👍🏻

Great app but add the new operators.

Great app, just when updates come out on game it be nice to see on the app.

Just great! (And so are the developers!)

On my iPhone X on iOS 11.3, a prerelease, I reported a bug where the operators wouldn’t show, and within one day, the bug was fixed with a new update. The support is fast and is on top of everything. For the amount of stuff this app provides, it is worth much more than 99 cents. I can’t even say how great this app is, it’s so helpful while playing Rainbow Six. (Developers: Keep doing what you’re doing, obviously it’s working!!)


The app is great and I love it but I wish that I could see my daily report but all It tells me is that i haven’t played in a month even though I was playing earlier


So I’m loving this app but every time I open the operator section it just loads for a while and then crashes. Any idea for fixes?


This app wasn't working for me at first but I guess that was because I had a bad connection because now it is working great and I would definitely recommend it. Good job.


Whenever I click on the operator feature it always closes, but not even a day later I got an email from the developer himself and we straightened out the problem! Thank you so much!

Wonderful but needs improvements

Showing all of your statistics is great and seeing which operators you use the most is cool too. I especially like having the layouts of all the maps but just wish they were more interactive instead of a couple buttons for going up or down a floor. Also the statistics need work. Some of the information doesn’t make sense like hitting more bullets than you fired which screws up your accuracy percentage. But all in all great app!

BEAUTIFUL APP - Very useful!

I love the app! It’s very useful and easy to use. I only have two complaints: - You’re unable to see the ranked history of other users. - When comparing stats with another user, it’d be better to put the stats on top of each other rather than next to each other. It’s much easier to compare.

Best app I’ve ever had

Problem with the app? Not for long the designer takes care of issues right away. I will always use this app!

Love it!

Use it all the time pretty much every time I play R6. Only two issues I have been dealing with is; 1) Sometimes when I try and “follow” someone it just keeps loading and won’t follow them 2) Starting yesterday if I try and follow someone the screen is blacking out and the app closes. Minus these two issue I love this app a lot and will not stop using it even with these issues. Keep up the hard work! 👍🏼


Great app but everytime i open follow the app crashes, this started happening with thr most recent update pls fix


Ya so your new design is really gay , I really liked before when it had the dark black and grey look

Now the follow doesn’t work. But I still love this app it’s really helpful


Great potential

This app is great right now and can be even better. My biggest gripe is just slight grammar problems but that’s about it haha


New look is great worth the 99 cents

Quite a great app

Has a lot of information that u can access anywhere you want from your phone

It works

After a week with the tech support talking everyday, I finally can log into the app. It came down to reading other peoples issues with the app. That made me delete in a few times then try logging in. Now it works! Thank you tech members for the everyday support messages!

Needs work but the base is great

It’s a great & fairly deep app that is helpful if you care about statistics. One thing that is sadly missing is Terrorist Hunt stats. That is the only feature that kills that takes that one star away. Also not so much regarding the features but I feel that the design could use some extra polishing as it comes off a little unfinished and rough around the edges. The main screen image has that weird gradient effect that darkens the lower part of the screen. And interestingly some of the icons are line icons and some are fill icons, sizes also differ in one or two places. I’d make that same beautiful smoke backgrond and put it on a dark color background with lowered opacity or some multiply, lighten effect and make the icons light & without shadow. But that is just my personal opinion and preference as a designer. Sorry for beeing picky here.

Great app

Great for keeping up with yours and your friends siege accounts

Best app ever

Honestly it is one of the best IOS apps if you’re a rainbow six fan. I have searched for other apps like this and none of them compare to how detailed and amazing this app is. :)

Sign up profile

I try to put my ps4 username in as the profile and it won’t let me? Update: got it fixed yesterday. It works perfectly good. You can check your stats and your friends too

Great App!

Gives a bunch of interesting stats and updates daily. The map layouts are also very useful. Customer service is fantastic! High recommend for any siege player!

Solid but buggy.

Everything has been working fine for me other than parts of my profile being in Chinese when I selected English and have restarted the app multiple times. So for now I’d say it’s cheap so the fact that it mostly functions probably is fine but some bugs I’d like to see gone for sure.

Hate it

first of any username i enter it wont work so im better off using the website unless you fix it


I first said it was unusable as of ystd but due to the developer being so hasty in reading and responding to my response it was fixed. Definitely the best app for rainbow stats as it not only shows you everything down to how many bullets you’ve even shot but it gives detailed maps of all levels. Any rainbow fan should download it immediately! :)

Profile name error

When i write the profile name it says capital letter and small letters and it wont let me start the app. Useless error

Great app

The creator adds so much content and replies to your questions quickly and super helpful. Since adding the maps is a huge benefit of the app. Good job creator!!

I can’t use it!

I believe that it is a good app but it won’t let me log in!

New update

I love the new update but when ever I click on seasons it crashes

Help Needed

I just recently installed this app, and from what people have had said it seems amazing. But when I type in my name “soap donutz” and select xbox, it gives me an endless loading screen.

Will not sign in

I typed in my username and i know for a fact its spelled correctly and i have the correct console in but it says incorrect data...

Can’t even log in

My psn has caps in the name and it just says not the the lowercase and uppercase letters and I did and still won’t let me in I want a refund

Super cool app

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long while and the closest thing is going to the database website. Thanks to the dev

Good app but needs the new operators

Pretty neat and quick app, but the white noise operators are still yet to be updated to the app sadly

Feature request

Would be better if you guys add in stats for terrorist hunt too.


The concept is pretty cool but it does not update the stats fast at all, I’m still waiting for it

Good but...

I like the app and the information it contains, but i can’t seem to get the app to “update” or “refresh “ my numbers...if that can be fixed then it will be a great app

Crashes. A LOT.

The app works great when it wants to but crashes way too frequently, especially when looking up other players’ stats. Don’t recommend this one, especially since it’s a paid app.


Great app for figuring out my stats and what I need to improve on. By the way a cool addition would be adding a place in ranked that shows how close you are to the next rank.

Great app, More live updates

It’s a great app, so much more statistics offered here than on the Ubisoft website, but I know I have a ton of vigil kills even though my play time is less than 10 hours, and the fact is it would be great if got stars for all operators not just the ones with a ton of play time, like I said great app, worth the money but it needs some more tweaks to be called amazing and perfect


Really good app to show off to your friend our just if your curious. It would be nice if there was live broadcast or just some new r6s videos.

White Noise

Please create a white noise update, this app is great but I want to see my stats on the new characters.

An okay app with a few minor issues

It takes very long to load in my data, around three minutes and I am hoping the developer will add the new White Noise operators since I noticed Zofia and Dokkaebi. Thank you for reading this. Keep this great work up, Patrik!


I love this app idea it’s an easy way to look at your stats quickly but the problem is I would actually love to do that but the app keeps crashing every time I click on something... when I click on feedback to tell them what my problem is the app crashes therefore I can’t tell them my problem.

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